How to Choose the Right Shoe

Choosing a shoe might seem like a simple thing, but it really isn’t. The same issues arrive when choosing supplements for your specific sport, to make this a breeze and ensuring you have the highest quality supplements, check out Supplements Direct for your every need! Every person has different needs, and therefore every person needs a different shoe. Everything goes into count here; your weight, your biomechanics, the surface you walk on, and most importantly, the shape of your foot. However, before we move over to the foot shapes, let’s see what are some of the main categories of shoes.

Stability Shoes

These kinds of shoes are recommended to people who run and are considered to generally have arches that are low to normal. These kinds of people usually need the type of shoe that offer a great support, as well as cushioning in the midsole.

Performance Shoes

The Performance shoes are the shoes that are recommended to people who like to race or who tend to train a lot and are bimechanically active. These kind of shoes differ in the type of support they provide as well as their cushioning, but it is consider that they usually weigh somewhere around 300mg, making them really light and more narrow than other shoes.

Neutral Shoes

If you are a runner in need of a maximum midsole cushioning, than this is the right shoe for you. Apart from the midsole cushioning, it also offers minimum medial support. These shoes are considered to be perfect for the runners that are biomechanically efficient, meaning that they have minimal pronation. Also, the runners who are considered midfoot or forefoot strikers with normal of high arches will like this one.

Minimalist Shoes

These types of shoes are great for all the biomechanically efficient runners who need maximum responsiveness out of a shoe. Also, it is a stripped-down shoe that still has some elements of cushioning. These kinds of shoes are considered to be somewhere in the middle between the natural-cushioned ones and the performance ones.

So, How to Find the Right One?

The best thing to do, in order to find the best shoes for you, it to take a Wet Test. This is the easiest way to determine what kind of a foot you have, which in turn will allow you to see what kind of a shoe you need. You do this test by wetting your foot, and then leaving an imprint of it on the dry floor. This will allow you to see exactly how much stability you need in your shoe, and will show you the features of your foot. This will give you the basic knowledge you need in order to figure out which shoe would suit you the most.

If you have a normal foot, the best shoe for you would be the stability shoe that has moderate control features.

In case you have a flat foot, the motion control shoes would suit you the best, as would the high stability shoes that have firm midsoles and control features, because they will reduce the pronation. People with these feet ought to stay away from the highly curved and highly cushioned shoes, that don’t have any stability features.

People with the high-arched feet should stick to the cushioned or neutral shoes. They offer a lot of flexibility that allow for a motion of the foot. These people ought to stay away from the stability or the motion control shoes, which reduce the mentioned mobility.